Art Fair Process

Follow the steps below and you'll soon be reaping the rewards of a successful BLOT fundraiser!

  1. Order the artwork paper by completing the Booking an Art Fair/Fundraiser Form.
  2. Advance planning!
    • Decide where the Art Fair will be held, and the date and time to be declared open.
    • Make plans on how the pictures will be displayed on the day.
    • Create a welcoming and inviting environment by choosing some appropriate background music and organising tea and coffee facilities; consider introducing some ambiance to your Art Fair by inviting a face painter along and punctuating the event with students musical or dance performances.
    • If required for display, you can purchase BLOT frames in advance by the box of 12 for $132 (includes postage and GST) See the below frame request form on Step 10.
    • If your School is considering selling prints of the original Art for families to be able to purchase as additional framed gifts, then this is also an opportune time to source a local printer for prices.
  3. Once the pack is received, liaise with participating teachers regarding a time for the completion of the artwork (i.e. one week before the event) and distribute the artwork paper.
  4. Generate excitement enthusiasm and awareness. Gain support by chatting about the event and spreading the word!
    • Download the promotional poster and display these to maximum effect.
    • Publicise the event with regular countdown updates in the newsletter.
    • Display the sample frame in a prominent area.
  5. One week before the event, collect the artwork from teachers and make final preparations for the display on the day.
  6. Set up the Art Fair on either the day before, or early in the morning of the Art Fair day. Print off the posters and display in the art Art Fair, to encourage families to purchase a frame for their budding Picasso's work of Art!
  7. Should your School decide, allow time for the children to preview their artwork, a group or class at a time;
    This is a great opportunity for each group to observe, reflect and admire each other's work, exploring the use of color, technique and design will spark the children's imaginations.
  8. Set up a table, float, and the sample frame. Designate a person in charge of taking orders and payments for pictures and frames throughout the day.
    Enjoy your Art Fair and have a fun day!
  9. Once all orders are received (*allow a few days for late bookings in case any parents are unable to make it on the day) and all proceeds toward the picture frames are banked, complete and send the Frame Request Form.
    • Frame Request Form
      * If placing a late order, please order a minimum of 1 box of 12 frames.
  10. Once the frames are received:
    • Check the delivery note/invoice.
    • Deliver the artwork, and frames to each family (or child).
    • Deposit the funds to BLOT within 7 days.