FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

How much notice should we give BLOT to supply the paper and frames?

BLOT appreciates notifications of Art Fairs a term in advance where possible.

What is the minimum and maximum order for paper and frames?

BLOT supplies 1 piece of art paper, per child, so as the free art paper is limited, it might be a good idea to have a trial run first. If the children should have a mishap or a spill with the BLOT paper, standard A3 art paper will fit into the fitted frame. Some children might like to paint 2 pictures, one for a keepsake and one as a gift to a family member, remember the more pictures and frames sold the more funds you can raise!

The minimum order is 1 box of 12 frames, there is no maximum order, BLOT can cater for any size School or Preschool role.

Is it possible to have prints copied of the original artwork, should parents like to order extra for gifts, and then order additional frames too?

Yes this works very successfully and can double or treble the fundraising opportunity; you will however need to source a local printer, take orders, and cover the cost of printing from the $9 frame donation - prices appear to vary from around $1 to $2.50 per full colour A3 print.

We already have existing artwork the children have prepared, can this be used?

Yes, if the paper size is A3 then the paintings can be fitted into the frames.

Is it possible for BLOT to supply the system to play groups, art groups or charity organizations?

Yes, providing the group has the capability to organize the painting of pictures, is able to promote and host the art fair, and organize the delivery of frames after the event.

Are there any postal charges for paper or frames?

BLOT offers free delivery of art paper and frames anywhere in New Zealand.

How soon after we place an order will we receive the frames?

The order will be processed and sent by courier the next day.