How It Works

Everyone loves an Art Fair and the excitement it creates - BLOT can help you by supplying our free resources to combine this fun, memorable day with a successful fundraising event. The process is easy:

It really is as simple as that; our top priority is to help schools and organisations like yours keep your hard-earned profit generated by your fundraisers, which is why we are proud to provide free A3 paper and free nationwide delivery, with our sincere guarantee of absolutely no hidden fees or upfront costs!

No more crumpled Art in the bottom draw, your budding Picasso's masterpiece can be displayed and preserved with pride, always!

Why choose to organise an Art Fair?

Build confidence

Children (and their proud parents!) love seeing their creative work on display; it furnishes a great sense of personal achievement, unrelated to academic or athletic abilities.

Art fairs offer the perfect opportunity to inspire students to get involved with the Arts, helping them to become well-rounded, creative young people.

A cultural experience

Appreciating works of art can be as important as partaking; it can encourage a new dimension in artistic expression and creative understanding.

Whether a child just enjoys looking at pictures, or is a budding artist, visiting the Art Fair is a lesson in colour, form, symbolism and style. Students learn to "read" art through careful study and conversation, developing their own interpretations and ideas.

Your Art Fair will be a source of inspiration!

Raise valuable funds

We appreciate it can be increasingly difficult to ask for donations, which is why our service works so well, as families get the opportunity to purchase something they want, whilst donating to their school!

It is a simple and entirely flexible service, which can be used at any time of year and incorporated into any event. When you combine this with the guarantee of high-returns for the PTA, a BLOT fundraiser could well prove to be one of the most successful events your school, preschool or organisation has ever organised!

Unite the community

Invite families along to your social event so they can share the experience! An Art Fair is a great opportunity for a catch up and to strengthen parent/teacher relationships in a fun, relaxed atmosphere!

You can trust us

BLOT is a family run business; working within the education sector since 2006 we pride ourselves on our flexibility and hands on professional service. We aim to assist schools, preschools, and organisations in hosting an enjoyable social event celebrating the artwork of their students - while assisting with fundraising.

For children’s safety our frames are made of plastic/plexiglass

BLOT is just a phone call away and always happy to hear from you - Book a BLOT fundraiser soon!